About Us

H’s Valeting provides a trustworthy collection and delivery service, which ensures that the customer’s vehicle/s are delivered safely and securely back to the customer.

We are a commercial business on the increase and we are looking for more recognition, which is why we specialize in prestige vehicles, such as Mercedes, Porsches and BMWs, and are currently accepting contracts from various automotive companies and businesses.

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There is also a while-u-wait express valet, in which the valeters clean and valet your vehicles, quickly and efficiently, allowing you to drive off with an excellent condition vehicle in less than 30 minutes.

The chemicals and materials used in the valeting services are biodegradable, so as to do no harm to the environment and are therefore environmentally friendly.
Accounts facilities are available, if needed, to provide precise calculations, so mistakes are not made, receipts are given and records of the transactions are kept for future reference.

We here at H’s Valeting take the up most care of your vehicle, retaining the quality of the car to bring it close to the original showroom condition, and helping to retain and increase the value of your car to give maximum benefits to you, the customer.

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H’s Valeting have made it their aim, by efficient and precise organization, to give FIRST CLASS, QUALITY service at moderate prices.