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Here at H’s Valeting we provide quality-valeting service and ensure each valet is tailored to suit your needs and specific requirements.All valeters and servicemen are fully trained and give professional advice to the customer to give them the satisfaction of having their car valeted with precision and care.Our services present four basic levels of service, which can also be changed to adapt to your needs or budget. There are also services available, which include radio decoding, car vacuuming and roof lining, all at excellent value competitive prices.Industrial Cleaners ImageOur Services include:
  • H’s Bronze Valet
  • H’s Silver Valet
  • H’s Gold Valet
  • H’s Express Valet
  • Silver Seal
  • Extras, and more…..
H’s Valeting has a dedicated team ready to help you, the customer, whenever and whatever the enquiry. Industrial Cleaning Image  

Benefits of Floor Cleaning Machine with Vapor Steam

 We make use of vapour steam cleaning machines for our industrial cleaning services.. A floor cleaning machine takes all of the back breaking work out of scrubbing floors. It has never been easier to effectively cleanse most surfaces, including floors, than through the use of these products. By utilizing these appliances you can achieve a clean unlike any other. A floor machine that uses steam and vapor as its cleansing agent is capable of eliminating stains that many other appliances leave behind. Hence if you are desirous of having the most effective tool or machine to get the job done then this is definitely the route to go. This is one of the most innovative and effective machines on the market.